Preventive Care of communicable diseases

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We are proud to announce our new Preventive Care of Communicable Diseases initiative, a comprehensive program aimed at improving health outcomes and preventing the spread of communicable diseases in underserved communities.

Communicable diseases can have a devastating impact on a community's overall health and wellbeing, leading to chronic illnesses and decreased quality of life. Our goal is to address these issues by promoting awareness about preventive care and by providing communities with the resources and support they need to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

The Preventive Care of Communicable Diseases program takes a proactive approach to health, working with local communities to address their specific health needs and to implement programs that will help them to achieve their goals. Through this program, we aim to improve health outcomes, increase access to health services, and promote healthy living in communities around the world.

As a non-government organization, we rely on the support of people like you to make this program a success. Your contributions will help us to reach more communities, provide essential support, and promote preventive care and healthy living in underserved areas around the world.

If you are passionate about making a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of communities and would like to support this initiative, please get in touch with us to learn more about how you can get involved.

Together, we can create a healthier and more vibrant future for communities everywhere.

Charities Aid Foundation of India (CAF) carried out a survey of 1342 NGOs from all over India including 113 NGOs from Bihar and Jharkhand combined. The evaluation of NGOs was done on the parameter of :

A) Registration Status
B) Staff Profile
C) Income Profile of Organisation
D) Governance , Accountability and Transparency within Organisation

Lok Prerna has been accorded the highest score of 268 and has been positioned as No.1 NGO in Bihar / Jharkhand combined.

Charities Aid Foundation of India (CAF)

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