1. Ensuring access of wash facility at community level

Ensuring accessibility of potable water and sanitation at door to door step in the rural area common poor’s and excluded Tribals women and children by creating an enabling environment and removing constraints in functioning of PRI’s and VWSC at village level. It helps towards rural living standards, in schools for children and remote pockets of tribal families. The successful piloting of “SWACHHA BHARAT MISSION” in rural area of Deoghar, Jamtara and Pakur is being scaled up to neighbouring locations of the Panchayats and villages cover. We are initiated innovative solutions for universal access to Water and Sanitation, focusing on efficient and equitable delivery of basic services, especially to Scheduled tribes and scheduled caste in the target area habitation. We have facilitate Particularly Gram Panchayat Leaders and

Jalsahiyas for rapid intervention to construct toilets for each and every household with the prime focus of better safe utilization, technically sound, builds capacities and skills to handle the WASH infrastructure as well as funds and submission of utilizations certificates.

Lok Prerna is paying special attention to women and children, to bridge serious exclusion.

  • Mason Training
  • Jalsahiya Training
  • Core Staff Training BC/CC/PM
  • VWSC Training
  • Household Survey
  • Hand pump Survey
  • Installation of RO Plant
  • Toilet Construction and Usages
  • School Toilet Construction and Usages
  • Anganwadi Toilet Construction
  • Indira Awas Toilets
  • Celebration of Hand Washing Day -
  • World Toilet Day -
  • Swakchhata Week -
  • Poster and Hoarding Display -
  • Manual Books Distribution –
  • Meeting of VWSC and PRI
  • Utilization Collection of funds for HP and Toilets

We ensure 15,681 House Hold Toilets Construction as well utilization of toilets to benefit 47043 persons.

We have set out access for Toilets and Hand pumps for 976 schools and AWCs that has brought about benefit to 39040 School and AWCs Children. Also ascertained safe drinking water to 808300 persons by repairing 6148 HPs & new installation of 405 HPs. The above milestones being achieved by 1380 skilled man power skilled towards WASH accessibility.

2. Ensuring promotion of second cropping in additional area of 1348 acres of 2200 House Hold

3. Ensure income generation by fruit Orchids constituting mango, cashew nut , papaya, guava etc. in 600 hectares of land of marginal farmers, reaping additional income of Rs.12000-20000.

4. We have promoted land & water management in rural tribal areas of marginalized farmers to make possible optimum utilization

  • Contour bunding – 230 acres
  • Land reclamation – 367 acres
  • Lift irrigation – 45
  • Water harvesting tank – 137
  • Shallow Wells ( Chuan ) – 29
  • Sericulture Development – 500 Farmers


  • Existence of functional Panchayati Raj Institutions.
  • Popularizing the Climate Change Issues
  • Enabling environment of institutionalization of Skill Development, Start-ups and Stand – up India Programmes for sustainable development and arising innovations.
  • Community level women facilitator ( Jal Sahiya ) is now available to reboot the empowerment of women and children in WASH sector.


  • To Retention of Human & Funding Resources.
  • For Skill Development of Core Team.
  • Lacking of Institution for research, lab, innovation and rural technology.
  • Hampering the quality of programmes supported by Government which doesn’t give cent percent grants or aid or make delay in sanction of grant for numerous programmes.

Charities Aid Foundation of India (CAF) carried out a survey of 1342 NGOs from all over India including 113 NGOs from Bihar and Jharkhand combined. The evaluation of NGOs was done on the parameter of :

A) Registration Status
B) Staff Profile
C) Income Profile of Organisation
D) Governance , Accountability and Transparency within Organisation

Lok Prerna has been accorded the highest score of 268 and has been positioned as No.1 NGO in Bihar / Jharkhand combined.

Charities Aid Foundation of India (CAF)

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